1. John Stevenson says

    I like this type of work Andrew. An ancient art being recaptured (?) in a new one. It’s an excellent, compelling, image.
    Do you teach this from the Photoshop technique aspect?

    • says

      Thanks so much John!
      I tutor Photoshop to various people. If they want to learn creative photo montage I am willing. I have such a range of students and a great variety of themes of what they want to learn! I love it!

      • John Stevenson says

        I’ve reached the conclusion that a lot of the current Photoshop tutorials which are available online are more-or-less self-defeating (for the students). Too much emphasis on tips, tricks, tools (not to mention shortcuts!) and nothing relating to the image (or art) itself.

        • says

          Totally agree, John! In fact many of my students have either been discouraged by online tutorials or have taken a class & the pace was too fast or sometimes too slow. A big part of learning Photoshop is knowing what to do when things don’t go the way you want them to. Knowing where to look when things aren’t working is a big part of my teaching style. I am trying to make things easier for my clients/students.

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